Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aiden MacRae According to Jessica Baker

The lovely Jessica Baker (also known as @makesmeworse12) from tells us just what it is she loves about Aiden MacRae.

Aiden MacRae. That Hot Scot. We all know him, and well love him; we simply can’t help it. In every sense of the word, Aiden is irresistible.
Let’s look at this systematically, shall we?
His accent. Personally, I have a thing for accents. Especially when they are used to say amazingly sweet things. Aiden’s accent ALONE could be enough to make me—and I’m sure others, too—love him.
His looks. I’m going to keep this appropriate, and simply say that AIDEN IS FREAKING HOT. There is no way anyone can deny it. I mean, honestly, the guy wears a kilt! Zachary (another Hot Scot from another wonderful series called Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready) was completely correct when he said that a kilt is like male lingerie to us. No one can deny this either—kilts are hot.
His personality. Our boy Aiden is as sweet as can be. He’s a gentleman, but he knows when to…not be a gentleman. I’m going to focus on the sweet gentleman thing, though, because I’m still keeping this appropriate. Remember in Between when he and Lindsey were in the car with her parents, and he mom was telling her she should find a man who can play an instrument, then her dad said she should wait for a guy who loves her, trusts her, wants her only to be happy, and will never ever leave her? And then her mom said she’ll never find someone like that and Aiden (along with her dad, but that’s not the point) said “She will” rather forcefully? Well that was our boy being sweet. He is sweet and caring to a fault and I love him for it. We all love him for it.
Another thing about Aiden—he’s brave. And protective. He is, by all definitions of the word a MAN.
So, this was an attempt to rationally define why we all love Aiden the way we do. Why we are all devoted to being his angels. But what about the part that can’t be rationalized? The part where we just love him because we love him? Because that IS a factor in this equation, too. And there really isn’t an answer to this. It’s just a part we acknowledge, and let it be.
Because we all know that, whatever the reason, Aiden will always be our irresistible Hot Scot. ;)

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  1. Aw, your post made me get all teary! Thank you, Jessica! <33