Monday, 26 November 2012

New Between 3 Teaser

Cyndi Tefft has done it again, ladies and gentlement we have ANOTHER teaser from the upcoming third book in the Between series (Title Yet To Be Released - though I'm calling it "The Books That's Going To Ruin Me For Normal Guys")

Cyndi released another little teaser tonight which is going into the list of crazy teaser that are killing all of the Angels, I'm sure.

What do you think of this teaser? How excited are you for Between 3?

Hands in his hair, he paced the length of the room. “The nerve…He thinks he can…And that he’ll have…” He slammed his fist into the wall as if it were as soft as a pillow. The blood that sprang to his knuckles proved that it wasn’t.
I sprang to my feet. “Aiden!” He turned to me, eyes wild with pain and fury. “It’s okay.” At the incredulous look on his face, I hastened to clarify. “No, I mean, it’s not okay. It’ll never be okay that he wants me to…” I let the words die, since finishing that sentence wasn’t going to help either of us. “What I mean is, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t matter. You’re the one I love and we’ll get through this. Together.”   He pulled me into a fierce embrace, then held me at arms’ length for a moment. Tears glistened in his eyes.
“I love you. I’ve never said that to any woman, I give ye my oath. You’ve saved me and ruined me all at once, Lindsey MacRae.”   My heart did a flip-flop at the sincerity in his voice. Everything in me screamed to stay there in his arms.
But I knew what I had to do and putting it off wasn’t going to help. “I love you, too. I’ll come right back, I promise.”   His lips crashed down over mine in a kiss filled with desperation, desire, and despair.   When we finally broke for air, I didn’t look up at him—knowing that I wasn’t strong enough to handle what I’d see—and left.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hell Transporter Review by Reading Teen

Amy from Reading Teen provided a review of Hell Transporter. Check it out!

And alos a quick reminder that Cyndi is doing her radio interview on November 27th but you'll be able to listen to afterwards if you miss it.

Book Review: Hell Transporter by Cyndi Tefft

The highly anticipated sequel to Between is here!

Aiden MacRae has been given a new life after being stuck transporting souls to heaven for the last three hundred years. He doesn't know the culture, the times or the slang, but there is one thing he does know: he didn't come forward alone.

The master of hell has other plans for the Scottish Highlander and has sent a transporter of his own to get the deed done. Will Lindsey be able to save him or get caught in the crossfire?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hell Transporter Review by Novel Goddess

Novel Goddess, a book review site, was kind enough to let me borrow their review of Cyndi's second book "Hell Transporter". If you have a review that you'd like to share just let me know.

Review: Hell Transporter

Hell Transporter
Hell Transporter by Cyndi Tefft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GoodReads Synopsis: Aiden MacRae has been given a new life after being stuck transporting souls to heaven for the last three hundred years. He doesn't know the culture, the times or the slang, but there is one thing he does know: he didn't come forward alone.

The master of hell has other plans for the Scottish Highlander and has sent a transporter of his own to get the deed done. Will Lindsey be able to save him or get caught in the crossfire?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Correction of the @cynditefft Radio Show!

Just a really quick post to let you know that I made a mistake earlier with Cyndi's events. The radio show is not on November 30th, it's November 27th  so if you were planning on listening in here: please make a note of that. My apologies.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fan Fiction for Writers

Today I'm here to talk about Fan Fiction. Yes I said fan fiction. Now I know not everyone understands it - or respects it - but you have to admit it's pretty awesome when you get to play with someone else's characters. It's kind of like going over to your friends house and playing with their Barbies. Yes they aren't yours but it's still so much fun.

On my blog ( I've been talking about a bunch of random book and writing-related things and for all you Aiden's Angels I have a little exclusive. On Wednesday the 14th I'm going to start running a contest. If you review any book, short story OR fan fiction online and send me the link, you'll be entered to win some cool prizes.

And speaking of fan fiction, I'm here to present to you one of our own. Breila McValan has shared with me a piece of fan fiction for Hell Transporter and of course I had to share it with all of you (you can also find all of the Between/Hell Transporter fan fiction in the drop down menu up top). If you'd like to submit fan fiction (or art or videos or anything in between - no pun intended) then send it to or tweet me @vatrask. Enjoy. And leave a comment to tell Breila what you think.

Scene from chapter 11 of Hell Transporter by Breila McValan / Taiyoryu on FFN
“I'd be pleased to show you just how much I want ye, right there on the billiards table...”

Aidan gave me a quick kiss and told me he would be back in a moment, I waited until he returned with both a large and small towel. He set both on the billiards table while setting the smaller tower to the side, Aidan then unfolded the towel and spread it over the red felt. He picked me up and sat me on the fluffy yellow towel, he poked me silently, before I laid down on it. Aidan picked up the smaller towel and moved toward me. I'm not ganna hurt ye lass, but this was as close to a gag as I could find.

I nodded, understanding his reasoning immediately; even if he didn't know the term BDSM or any of what some considered games. Aidan gently put as much of the towel as he could after I opened my mouth, he took my shoes and socks off before blowing softly across the soles of my feet. He kissed the toes then he moved on and licked my left ankle. As he kissed each inch of skin that was revealed underneath my jeans, he spoke to me. Je t'aime ma femme, mo chridhe, my Lindsey.

My breath hitched as he started to lift my shirt up, kissing my stomach and up towards my breasts before gently taking first my right nipple in between his teeth and softly blowing before moving on to the left.

I moaned underneath the towel in my mouth when Aidan started to play with my breasts, I glared at him in frustration when he said I should walk you home after we clean up here, as much as I want to take you here and now...

I sigh mentally. You're right. I arch upward slightly, pulling my jeans back on as Aidan helps me with my bra and shirt. He removes the gag and picks me off the table afterward before starting to clean up a bit. I take the towels from him and put them in the hamper before leaving. We walk back in comfortable silence.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat!!!

Hey Angels we’re here (finally) with the transcript from the Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat that took place last Saturday Night. It was a lot of fun and we all got to hang out with our favourite book Scotsmen. So here’s how to navigate: The @ in the corner is the beginning of a new conversation and all @ names underneath are the answers to that conversation.
@moore_zachary is Zachary Moore
@connelly_martin is Martin Connelly
@AidenMacRae is Aiden MacRae
And everyone else are the twitter guests who had a blast fooling around.
If anything doesn’t make sense, tweet me, email me or leave it in the comments below.
Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat
@moore_zachary:           Welcome, everyone, to the #FakeScotsmen chat! We'll start in 2 minutes. @AidenMacRae & @connelly_martin, youse here?
@moore_zachary: It's a wee bit loud in the pub here. asier to tweet than talk.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that I am!
@cynditefft:      Bagpipes playing. Fire burning. Dinner cooking. Ready for the #FakeScotsmen chat with @AidenMacRae, @moore_zachary, and @connelly_martin!
@moore_zachary: Youse can ask us any questions at all. We shall TRY to keep up, but these things have a way of outrunning us.
And the fun began…..
@makesmeworse12:   @moore_zachary Y'all have really hot accents, but what accents do YOU GUYS find adorable?
                                    @connelly_martin: I fancy an American accent myself. Especially east coast tough guy. What's that--Brooklyn, aye?
@AidenMacRae: American, of course. French is none sae bad, either. 'Tis really more the lass, though.
                                    @moore_zachary: Like Martin, I fancy American accents, too. (M also secretly loves an Edinburgh accent.)
@connelly_martin: Oh, that's how it is, aye? We embarrass each other?
@AidenMacRae: *rubs hands together* I'd be interested tae hear more embarrassing stories about @moore_zachary! Ha!
@connelly_martin: Not for free, mate! :-D
                                    @makesmeworse12: This is going to be fun. Hehe. And just so you know, *I* have an American accent.
@makesmeworse12: I have three, actually!  
@clairehuggy:   @tnmedicgirl Good evening hun :)
@tnmedicgirl: Hi! You got tea ready?
@tnmedicgirl: ah that makes for a nice relaxing evening :)
@AidenMacRae: The tea is drunk, or you are?
@clairehuggy: Oh HaHa sadly just the tea. I have enough trouble typing sober!
@vatrask:            Alright #FakeScotsmen what's your favourite drink?
                        @moore_zachary: My favourite drink is Irn Bru. Favourite alcoholic drink, probably a Bellhaven (that's a Scottish ale).
@AidenMacRae: Scotch, of course! ;)
                        @connelly_martin: Mmm, I fancy a nice Balvenie 12yo on a special occasion. But Tennent's for everyday. (and night.)
@AidenMacRae: There are so many drinks from this century I'd like to try. Of late, I prefer Macallan Cask Strength.
@GabyLafara:   @connelly_martin hey Martin, are you still giving massages?
@connelly_martin: I am still giving massages! Wish I could do them over Twitter. :(
@GabyLafara: @connelly_martin that's be great  
@RachelllRaeee3h:        Tuning in and out of the #fakescotsmen chat as I study for my quiz that's due today! (Why it's on Saturdays befuddles me.)
                                    @tnmedicgirl: I should be studying for my quiz Monday but this was more fun :)
@RachelllRaeee: I wish I didn't have to, but my test/quiz is due TONIGHT. And I have to study. And video record it. ):
@RachelllRaeee: Ah, but I have to do it by a certain time or else I fail. I wish I could schmiz it.
@tnmedicgirl: that's my feelings towards the quiz tonight .. y'all are more important
@AidenMacRae: That could become a new saying: "schmiz it." Ha!
@tnmedicgirl: Haha sounds good!
                                    @RachelllRaeee: I'm so going to start using that. Mom: Clean your room! Me: I'm reading. Schmiz it!  
@connelly_martin:        I found pics online of where @moore_zachary & I live in Glasgow. Anyone fancy seeing them?
This, of course, was met by a chorus of ‘yes’s.
@connelly_martin:        Here's the famous Shakespeare Street, where the playwright was once beaten half to death for 2 farthings: File:Shakespeare Street - - 1515008.jpg
@moore_zachary: Nice one. Tragic, that.
                                    @AidenMacRae: Get beaten near tae death, then they name a street after ye?
@connelly_martin: The LEAST we can do, aye? "Sorry aboot that. Here's a wee handkerchief for the blood. Can ye spell yer name?"
@AidenMacRae: Haha! Sounds Scottish enough. Hot heided but hospitable to the end.
@Rpatzz:             Question: favorite mode of transportation?
@AidenMacRae: Casting! Just imagine the scene as ye'd like it and it appears afore ye. #besttravelmodeever
                        @connelly_martin: Favourite mode of transport: convertible Jaguar. At least, I think it WOULD be, should I have the chance.
@moore_zachary: Favourite mode of transport: train. Least favourite: planes (for obvious reasons).
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that plane thing didna work out well for ye.
@Rpatzz:             @AidenMacRae you can go here too …
@AidenMacRae: Aye, but I could not quite determine how to reply there, so am using the hashtag instead. Wasna like this 300 yrs ago!
@makesmeworse12: *high 5!*
@AidenMacRae: *high fives back*
@makesmeworse12: *SWOONS*
@tnmedicgirl:   Anywhere special y'all would like to visit someday? #bucketlist
@moore_zachary: I desperately want to see Hawaii. With Aura, of course.
@tnmedicgirl: that would be perfect! Hawaii is on my list
@AidenMacRae: I dinna think I'd like Lindsey in her bathing suit with all those other men at the beach.
@AidenMacRae: I'd love to visit Italy, the birthplace of this blissful meal they call "pizza". Canna get enough.
@moore_zachary: I'm long past jealousy with Aura, cos of you-know-who.
@AidenMacRae: Right. I miss that bloke, truth be told. Shouldn't he make an appearance? ;)
@keeley_logan: *slides in, Kramer style* YOU RANG???
@tnmedicgirl: Logan!!!! Hi!!!! Now the party is complete
@makesmeworse12: YAY, you're here!
@AidenMacRae: Lovely to see ye, mate! How's the other side?
@keeley_logan: it's pretty great, thanks. i actually am going to scoot/scram/skedaddle now. #yayamericanwords
@connelly_martin: Sigh...American words are adorable.
@tnmedicgirl: Bye Logan! :(
@AidenMacRae: Aye, back to your heavenly bliss and all that. ;) *boots you*
@makesmeworse12: and the sadface is back.
@vatrask:            Boys, what is your favourite place in the world?
@connelly_martin: Favourite place in the world = Glasgow.

@connelly_martin: I fancy Glasgow cos the men here are the cutest. #notreallytrue #butitellmyselfthat
: Favorite place = Eilean Donan Castle. My home. With Lindsey. All of the above.

                        @clairehuggy: I'm not surprised. It's amazing. Sorry about the mess the #SHADEboys left it in when they visited
@AidenMacRae: Ha! Aye, I saw the Zogan pic. ;)
@The_Poupette: Glasgow seems so wonderful
@AidenMacRae: I've never been, but would love to!
@moore_zachary: It is wonderful--you should come and visit! Forget Edinburgh & Loch Ness. ;)
@AidenMacRae: *draws sword* Forget the Highlands? Never!
@The_Poupette: Ohh Highlands seem wonderful too x_x
@vatrask: how can you forget this?
@moore_zachary: Didnae say "forget the Highlands". Just Loch Ness. Calm yersel, mate.
@AidenMacRae: *sheathes sword* Right. Got carried away.
@vatrask: seems we need Lindsey to reign you in ;)
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that she does. She also says she can wear her bathing suit wherever the hell she wants. O.o
@tnmedicgirl: been there once lower cali it was pretty
                                @3fixedhearts: WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA! It's nice here. (nicole- "lower cali" i love it. that's funny)
@tnmedicgirl: lmao! Couldn't remember where else I went other than Tahoe went with a friend on his rig
@moore_zachary: Is "Lower Cali" the bit that's in Mexico? ;-D
@clairehuggy: That thin bit that joins the two?
@3fixedhearts: i don't know. ask @tnmedicgirl exactly where is lower cali? usually that means disneyland. haha #smartass
@tnmedicgirl: I don't remember we went way to many places... I remember going thru Tahoe then we went south lol
@3fixedhearts: so she went thru 'upper cali' then fell down the hill and went to 'lower cali' haha
@tnmedicgirl: sure lmao
@3fixedhearts: but you're both welcome to come visit. It's lovely here!!
@tnmedicgirl: I would love to other than on a 18 wheeler.. can't see much that way :(
@connelly_martin:        A prettier pic, also of Maryhil. File:Ruchill Church at canal.jpgIt's NO SAE BAD as they say! (Milngavians, GTF.)
@KiltAndKeeley: That looks like a nice place for a romantic stroll with someone special. Aye?
                                    @connelly_martin: I try tae avoid romantic strolls where a church can see me. VERY difficult in Glasgow (they're *everywhere*)
@moore_zachary: Perhaps you should explain "Milngavians, GTF." One bit at a time.
@connelly_martin: A'right. Milngavie = posh suburb north of Glasgow. The ppl there drive through Maryhill to reach downtown.
@connelly_martin: And GTF is Twitter-safe abbreviation for "Get tae fuck!" which is like, I think, "Fuck off!" in American?
@moore_zachary: Correct. I'm sure they're all grateful for this Scots lesson and will use GTF frequently in everyday speech.
@connelly_martin: They should!
@vatrask: I'm going to use that now
@clairehuggy:   so guys do you prefer Christmas or Hogmanay?
@connelly_martin: Hogmanay a thousand times!!!
@clairehuggy: you do it in style.
@moore_zachary: I must say Hogmanay, too. 100x the fun and none of the gift-giving, church-going expectations.
@AidenMacRae: In my time, Hogmanay wasna what it is today. Christmas was a much more robust celebration, so I'd say that one.
@GabyLafara:   favorite ice cream flavor?
@connelly_martin: ALL the flavours!!
@GabyLafara: hahaha, nice
@AidenMacRae: Tried Scotch tablet ice cream the other day. Divine!
@GabyLafara: OMG they do it in ice cream!! I really need to try that.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, in Aberfoyle. A wee shop with a drawing of a lass fishing that says "Show Off Yer Bobbers!"
@clairehuggy: Aberfolye is lovely. I will pop in and try some next time i'm that way.
@RachelllRaeee:             How was Halloween for you guys? Did you dress up?
@connelly_martin: Naw, we're too old for fancy dress (costumes, I think you call it?). That's for weans.
@moore_zachary: Lots of adult Americans wear fancy dress for Halloween. Usually "Sexy [Fill in the blank]".
@connelly_martin: Oh, like Tarts & Vicars?
@vatrask: you are never too old to play dress up
@makesmeworse12: Ha! I second this!
@RachelllRaeee: What she said!
@RachelllRaeee: That seems like every day wear.
@makesmeworse12: But it would be like costume to us. And completely hot. It's a win-win
@moore_zachary: A bit like Tarts & Vicars. But without so much tarts or vicars.
@connelly_martin: I only wear kilts to fitba matches. Not to work at the pub (which is where I was on Halloween).
@clairehuggy: Oh a bit drafty round the terraces.
@makesmeworse12: Aww, you probably would have looked so cute, though!
@connelly_martin: Cold air fortifies the essentials.
@moore_zachary: "The essentials"? That's what you're calling them now?
@clairehuggy: frozen assets
@makesmeworse12: I don't need fancy dress or even a kilt to be cute! ;) (It does help, though.)
@connelly_martin: The Essentials. Capitalised. Aye, I like this.
@makesmeworse12:     I find it funny how the in emails I get about the #FakeScotsmen replies to my tweets, only @moore_zachary's are marked as "important."
@moore_zachary: Was it you marked them "important" or did they arrive that way?
@makesmeworse12: It arrived that way. Apparently, my email likes you best.
@librarychickD:                Favorite Scottish food and favorite American food?
@moore_zachary: Favourite Scottish food = everything in a full Scottish breakfast (I will spare you a pic).
@AidenMacRae: Favorite Scottish food: fresh caught fish roasted over an open fire.
@AidenMacRae: Favorite American food: M n M s. Lindsey says they're "like crack".
@tnmedicgirl: I agree with Lindsey
@librarychickD: yes they are!! #omnomnom
@moore_zachary: Favourite American food? A draw between Philly cheese steak and Maryland crab cakes.
@AidenMacRae: Favorite Scottish food: fresh caught fish roasted over an open fire.
c_cass189:           If we went to visit you, where would you take us?

                          @moore_zachary: First I'd take you to the Barras. Then the Necropolis. Then back to the West End to Oran Mor (where SHINE ended).
@connelly_martin: If ye come there, I'll let ye have a drink on the house. #justonethough
@c_cass189: You'll drink with me, won't you? :P
@connelly_martin: Of course I'll drink with you! At the end of the night when I'm off. :)  
@GabyLafara:   so which song has been stuck in your head lately?
@moore_zachary: Today I've had "Bricks of Our Building" by Olympic Swimmers stuck in my heid.
@connelly_martin: That new one by Taylor Swift. Cannae even say the name or it'll start again.
@AidenMacRae: *cough* What Makes You Beautiful *cough* Catchy song, that! *looks away*
@tnmedicgirl16h:           How's the weather there?
@moore_zachary: Cold, but mostly clear. As it is in Baltimore. But it gets dark much earlier here now.
@tnmedicgirl: yeah time goes back tonight here too.. I was hoping it was warmer there than here lol i was gonna hop a plane
@moore_zachary: *checks thermometer, does Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion* It's 36 degrees.
@tnmedicgirl: boo! Same here at night... daytime has been in the 60s-70s
@vatrask: I still think everyone should just convert to Celsius. So much easier.
@moore_zachary: I agree! But Aura tells me it'll never happen there.
@AidenMacRae: And now that we've discussed the weather, what say we have Zach tell us an embarrassing story? Hehe.
@moore_zachary: An embarrassing story? I've a good one on the tumblr. Stand by for the link. *pops out*
@makesmeworse12: Is this going to be the embarrassing story I'm thinking it is? Because, awww!
Around this point…..we started to get a little (really) silly…
@makesmeworse12:     Hey, #FakeScotsmen, I'm eating cookies. Or, well, "biscuits." Want one? I'll send you one to virtually enjoy! Hehe.
@moore_zachary: *holds out hand* Yes, please.

@makesmeworse12: You get three because my email likes you best ;) Embedded image permalink
@moore_zachary: *drools, puts kettle on*
@AidenMacRae: Mmmm, merci ma cherie!

@makesmeworse12: You're about to make me swoon out of my chair. HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?
@vatrask: Because he's perfect. Duh.
@makesmeworse12: Hope you enjoy!
@AidenMacRae: *blushes* *picks you both up and twirls you around*
@vatrask: *faints* catch me
@makesmeworse12: *giggles* You have such a cute blush!
@The_Poupette: @AidenMacRae Ahh tu parles fran├žais?
@AidenMacRae: Oui, but only in bits and pieces or else Lindsey gives me the evil stink eye.
@makesmeworse12: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. It's so sad. I got Aiden's, though. You are welcome, Aiden. :) *more swooning*
@The_Poupette: I just said "so you speak french?" ;)
@makesmeworse12: Gotcha. Thank you! :)
@vatrask: Can you teach your lovely followers som Gaelic then?
@AidenMacRae: Only one phrase you need to know: Tha gaol agam ort. I love you. ;)
@connelly_martin:        I keep almost typing #FakeScrotsmen. Nae joke.
@moore_zachary: I just did it, too. Corruptor. #FakeScrotsmen
@connelly_martin: Aye, RIIIIGHT. One day they'll all know who's the corruptor & who's the corruptee. #FakeScrotsmen
@moore_zachary: You mean corruptED? #FakeScrotsmen
@keeley_logan: FYI, i am over here dying re: #FakeScrotsmen.
@connelly_martin: I hate tae think why they'd be fake. #FakeScrotsmen
@AidenMacRae: hahahahahahahahaha "Nothing's worn, all in good working order" as they say.
@moore_zachary: @connelly_martin Ye've never seen the ones they make for dugs? Neuticles!
@connelly_martin: I've NEVER seen Neuticles? Is this a Yank thing?
@keeley_logan: they make them for trucks, too. TRUCKNUTZ!!
@AidenMacRae: That may well be the funniest and saddest thing I've ever seen.
@moore_zachary:           Ah, found my most embarrassing moment story, per @AidenMacRae's request:
@makesmeworse12: Yeah, I've read this. LOVE YOU, ZACHARY!
@tnmedicgirl: awe! <3
@AidenMacRae: *chokes with laughter* I can see it. And 'tis none too pretty. hahaha
@GabyLafara: *hugs*
@tnmedicgirl:   Listening to #edsheeran while talking to my fav #FakeScotsmen perfect <3
@AidenMacRae: Bloke has a bloody brilliant voice, I must say.
@tnmedicgirl: yes he does!
@vatrask:            During the #FakeScotsmen Chat I was listening to Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and this song makes me giggle:
@AidenMacRae: Lindsey just shouted o'er my shoulder "Oooh! I love that movie!" Guess we'll be watching it soon. ;)
@vatrask: Tis a right good movie I promise ye
@AidenMacRae: Nice accent you have there! ;)
@vatrask: It's all the time I spend with you (and Lindsey of course)
(It really is a good movie but the misogyny of a 1950s set in the 1880s is laughable)
@makesmeworse12:     I am sad. @connelly_martin apparently didn't want a cookie. *yet another sadface*
@connelly_martin: Never said I didnae want a cookie! PLEASE can I have one?
@makesmeworse12: Of course you can! I offered ages ago :( Give me a sec to find a really good one, k?
@AidenMacRae: *swoops in and eats Martin's cookie*
@makesmeworse12: Do these look good, or should I find different ones? Embedded image permalink
@makesmeworse12: Aww. THAT WAS NOT NICE, AIDEN. *sadface* Sorry, Martin. Want another? That Aiden WILL NOT steal?
@connelly_martin: Aye. Please. *eyes @AidenMacRae, readies pipe wrench behind back*
@AidenMacRae: Ah, I never promised to play nice, did I? *winks*
@makesmeworse12: Whoa, boys. There are enough for both of you! Here ya go! <3 Embedded image permalink
@vatrask: you should know better boys; Scotsmen never play fair
@connelly_martin: Cheers, lass! I mean, merci bien!! Tu est la PLUS gentille!
@makesmeworse12: *blushes*
@makesmeworse12: Why, Aiden. I've always thought of you as a gentleman. A very swoon-worthy one, specifically.
@AidenMacRae: Well, I'd better be on my best behavior as to not lose your faith in me. ;)
@makesmeworse12: And we have peace at last. I can be happy again!
@makesmeworse12: Aww, now there's the sweet side I know and love.
@moore_zachary:           So while @AidenMacRae woos the lasses with French, the #SHADEboys discuss imitation baws. #weare12
@AidenMacRae: MDR (that's ROFL in French).
one the many reasons why we love y'all lol never know what might happen
@connelly_martin: Nous pouvons discuter des testicules imitations EN FRANCAIS. #FauxScrotsmen
@The_Poupette: Bien, parlons-en alors.
@moore_zachary     SWOON, LASSIES, SWOON! RT @connelly_martin: Nous pouvons discuter des testicules imitations EN FRANCAIS.
@connelly_martin: I like all the accents! Except Edinburgh, though I'm getting used to it.
@moore_zachary: You'd have to, what w/it being whispered in yer ear every--never mind.
@c_cass189: You stopped at the best part, Zach! :P
@moore_zachary: I did?
@GabyLafara: yes you did! lol!
@moore_zachary: OK, I guess I would've finished with the word "night." Not really the most interesting part. *shrugs*
@connelly_martin: Oh, I thought you were going to say "Wednesday". Which would've been SCANDALOUS.
@AidenMacRae: So, are ye thinking of getting a ring for Aura's pretty finger? Because ye ken well enough she's the one. ;)
@moore_zachary: No, we're too young. But someday. She is the one, for certain.  
@moore_zachary:           Oh, is it Surprise Time now? I'm rather nervous about it.
                                             After little encouragement on the part of the fans…
@Rpatzz: awesome news! ....what's belter?
@c_cass189: It looks great! :D
@GabyLafara: OMG!! I love it!!
@moore_zachary: Belter means something good, like fun. One of our many words for "awesome".
@AidenMacRae: Brilliant cover, mate! Though it sounds like a rough time for you. *one armed manly hug*
@moore_zachary: Thanks. I think it's brilliant, too, in all senses of the word.
@roztriani: I was definetly not aware of this book *--* I can't believe I'll see 'you' again :') The cover is amazing!!! <3
@connelly_martin: That's cover's a pure stoater! But wait--you had some bad times? Where was I?
@AidenMacRae: I've only one scene from my point of view and even that was wrenching. I canna imagine what you've been thru.
@GabyLafara: what does stoater means?
@connelly_martin: "that's pure stoater" just means "that's awesome" or "really great". SUPERB.
(By this point if kind of felt like a mini language lesson but when three hot guys are teaching you, who cares?)
@AidenMacRae:              I'd like to thank my good mates @moore_zachary and @connelly_martin for an entertaining chat tonight! Fake scrots and all! :)
@tnmedicgirl: you leaving?
@PanicWritten: Bwwwaaa haaa haaaaa Can't - breathe - Laughing - too - hard. *gasp*
@moore_zachary: Hah! Cheers to you, too--have to do it again soon!
@AidenMacRae: Bien sur! hahaha  
(Don’t worry guys, he won’t be leaving for a while)
@moore_zachary:           @roztriani You'll see a lot of me. Happy you like the cover!
@roztriani: Oooh, glad to hear that!!! Can't wait to read that book, even if there's bad... events :p
@moore_zachary: There's some bad things, but lots of funny things, too. And some sexytimes, as the Yanks say.
@AidenMacRae: Ah, like the shower scene, methinks. ;) #FakeScotsmen #intheshower
@roztriani: Wait, I'm lost! What shower scene? *--* Did I forget something, already!?
@vatrask:            Oh my goodness. Next to #FakeScotsmen, #intheshower is my favourite hashtag of the day. Expecially when paired with the former.
@AidenMacRae: I suppose then ye'd know if they were #FauxScrotsHommes or not. hahahaha
@connelly_martin: I want a shower scene!
@moore_zachary: Then write one yersel.
@GabyLafara: I think you need a shower scene too, lol
@connelly_martin: Shower scenes for all!!
@vatrask: I think *I* need a shower scene. Any volunteers?
@GabyLafara: lmao
@keeley_logan: Oprah Winfrey: YOU get a shower scene! & YOU get a shower scene!
@AidenMacRae: *cough* I have one, actually. *cough* (warning, for adults only)
@connelly_martin: I'll be back.
@roztriani: Holly Lord! I HAVE to read Between, already!
@connelly_martin: NICE! Except for the female bits. Skimmed those.
@AidenMacRae: Thanks! And nae worries. I'm happy to take care of the female bits. ;)
@roztriani: Are you going to do your own shower scene?

@vatrask: *fans self* thank you  
@connelly_martin:        Think I WILL. RT @roztriani: @connelly_martin Are you going to do your own shower scene?
@moore_zachary: Why not? It's tradition. I got one, Ciara & Shane got one.
@connelly_martin: Hmm, it's overdone, then. Perhaps a rain scene! We've lots of that here.
@AidenMacRae: Or perhaps in the loch? Many to choose from, aye?
@connelly_martin: GOOD GOD. *bookmarks*
@vatrask: @cynditefft has an orgasmic amount of those
(she does. If you haven’t checked out her Pinterest account, you really should)
@connelly_martin: *pouts* I'm not ALLOWED to post such pics, cos of being in YA.
@moore_zachary: Did you really just pout? Give me yer Man Card.
@vatrask: Well when you make the move to A, we'll be waiting
@connelly_martin: Only in my dreams, lass. Only in my dreams.
@vatrask: that's so funny... mine too
@moore_zachary: There could be ways to make yer dreams a reality. #nomdeplume
@AidenMacRae: Nom de plume, aye? Like J.K. Growling? LOL
@vatrask: I'm sorry the thought of Aiden saying LOL makes me LOL
@AidenMacRae: I'm trying to adapt to the times! Cut a guy some slack, yo! #300yearstocatchupon
@vatrask: alright homeslice I'll give you some slack.
@AidenMacRae: I'd be lost without Google. *types homeslice for a definition* *nods*
@makesmeworse12:     Is the #FakeScotsmen chat over?
@moore_zachary: It's in its after-party stage now.
@AidenMacRae: Is this where we pass out the champagne and everyone tells us how marvelous the show was?
@makesmeworse12: NO! Then I'd have to leave.
@AidenMacRae: Ah, sparkling cider then. ;)
@makesmeworse12: That would work. Thank you, Aiden!
@moore_zachary: My favourite band did a song about after-parties:'s quite lovely. (Explicit Content)
@connelly_martin: I've a feeling yer Introvert Countdown clock has started.
@moore_zachary: Would you be good enough to take me home? Mate?
@connelly_martin: Only if you let me finish yer drink.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, time to shut down the pub and chase out the stragglers. Good night, my friends!
@moore_zachary: As if you've not already finished it. *pays the bill, as always*
@vatrask:            So @AidenMacRae how are you and your new wife doing? Any stories to tell?
@AidenMacRae: Och, that's...erm. I'll not lie. Has been a bumpy ride. Not because of her, though.
@vatrask: If you hurt Lindsey... *stern look*
@AidenMacRae: *stutters* She... I... *sighs and hangs head* Aye, you have the right of it. I'd never want to hurt her.
@vatrask: I know you dinah mean ta do things sweetie but as long as you make it better
@AidenMacRae: That I will. You can count on it.
@vatrask: I look forward to it
@synfulsaleana99:         Noooo missed the #fakescotsmen chat!
@AidenMacRae: And "schmiz it", #FakeScrotsmen, #FauxScrotsHommes, and shower scenes for all! Been quite a night. ;)
@synfulsaleana99: Oh goodness. I wish I was there!
@vatrask: you will be there later lass. Patience.
@synfulsaleana99: Patience isn't a virtue that I have when dealing with #FakeScotsmen.
@vatrask: Sadly me neither but you'll have to wait until later sadly.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, patience and Scots dinna go well together. #truth
@moore_zachary: Speak for yersel! Moore family motto is "through patience I overcome difficulty." ...though it sounds better in the original Latin. /Durum patientia frango/.
@vatrask: Well my family motto is: "if you can stand you haven't had enough to drink!"
@connelly_martin: *gasps* You're a Connelly, too?!
@vatrask: Sadly no; I'm Irish. Besides I shutter to think if we were related #dirtythoughts
@connelly_martin: Connelly is Irish, too. Lots of them moved here to Glasgow.
@vatrask: So we COULD be related? o.O
@connelly_martin: Not all Irish people are related. That would be awkward.
@AidenMacRae: But think about all you'd accomplish with an extra finger on each hand! #evolution
@vatrask: *shudders* lol but no.
@connelly_martin: Mmmm...extra fingers....
@vatrask: tasty...
@synfulsaleana99: I don't know my family motto, but my last name means "sheep" in Portuguese. Or it means "lusty person..." Not sure which I prefer for a translation.
@vatrask: I am literally 'she who dwells in victory'
@synfulsaleana99: Cool! Literally my full name is "Moon Goddess Sheep Sheep."
@vatrask: I dropped my phone when I read that :P
@moore_zachary: I shall henceforth call you "Moon Goddess Sheep Sheep", or MGSS for short.
@connelly_martin: And my 1st name means "from Mars"!
@moore_zachary: Mars is the god of what again?
@AidenMacRae: Thank you, mates! I really must be off. Early day tomorrow thwarting the bad guy. Cheers!
@vatrask: There are bad guys? *whimper*
@AidenMacRae: My 1st name means "fiery" as does the villian's in #Between3.
@vatrask: now you're just trying make me cry   
 (After this, the party ended but of course, Logan had to have the last word, coming out of nowhere)
@keeley_logan:           I think your cover is awesome. also, Trucknutz.
@moore_zachary: You're not getting the last word.
@keeley_logan: yuh-huh.
@moore_zachary: Nevertheless, the last word should be Trucknutz.
@connelly_martin: Aye, Trucknutz.
And thus the Fake Scotsmen Chat was over with the final word: Trucknutz
So there you have it folks; how I spent my saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to Jeri Smith-Ready and Cyndi Tefft for letting their boys come out to play, it was a lot of silly fun. Hopefully we can do it again.