Saturday, 20 April 2013

Updates and Interviews

Alright this week is a rather short post. We start with a shout out to Linda Blair who interviewed Cyndi Tefft here. Lots of fun little topics and questions to read.

Next is a serious call to you my Angels. REVIEWS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED. Even In Darkness has been out for nearly three whole weeks now (holy crap!) and I'm always looking for reviews of Between, Hell Transporter or Even In Darkness so when you've finished getting lost in Cyndi's fantastical world, post your reviews on Goodreads and send your review to me ( and it'll be featured on the site. We're also looking for some awesome stuff to do besides reviews so if you have any suggestions please pass them along.

Last piece of business isn't business so much as pleasure. A certain hunky Scotsman turns 314 in 11 days. We can't let this celebration pass us by so Cyndi and I are trying to think of some ways to honour our worthy lad - if you have any suggestions about this pass them along as well would ye, lassie?

And you will all be ecstatic to hear that Cyndi Tefft is already plotting Book Four so look for more updates as they come.

I think that's all for now. Until next week mo chridhe, stay safe and happy.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Review of Even In Darkness by Lindsay Cox (violethourBR)

Really this needs no introduction. You know this woman: @violethourBR (on Twitter) or Lindsay Cox. If you don't know her, get to know her. She's a mega Angel and an awesome person. And this is her review of Even In Darkness:


"Even In Darkness is the long-awaited third installment of the Between series. Cyndi Tefft announced the night before it's release date that SmashWords had published it early. So of course I hopped on over and grabbed it, even though I was being a devoted fan and rereading Between (for the fourth time) and Hell Transporter (second time). I just adore these books - the characters are just so special to me. One thing I LOVE about the series is that at the end of the the first two books, we really didn't know where Tefft would take us next. Aiden and Lindsey had just gone through so much heartache and turmoil that if the books had left off on a huge cliffhanger, I'd have probably died. Or hurt someone. It would not have been pretty!  There was a threat looming over our beloved couple, but what that would entail was still unknown. Some may disagree, but I love the mystery and suspense of that.

'Liked' is a very gross understatement of my feels for this book.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Review of Even In Darkness

In case you missed it (though I don't know how unless you actually were living in 18th Century Scotland at the time), Even In Darkness, the third book in the Between series was released on Monday. That means the reviews can start pouring in. If you have a review for any of the books please send them my way so they can be proudly compiled on the site.

For example, we have the first of the Even In Darkness reviews by Carrie Secor. Check it out:

Cyndi Tefft strikes again.  And when I say “strikes”, I mean “delivers a completely gripping, charming, and romantic novel that leaves readers demanding a sequel.” <– That.  She does that again.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Even In Darkness Release

Guys, it's April 1st. Do you know what that means?

That means all the teasers, all the covers, all the treats from Aiden MacRae that we've endured for over a year are finally going to be put into context and everything will be put on the table.
Remember when we did that live Scotsmen Chat? Yeah that was fun right? Well everything will make sense now.
Remember when we got the Title and First Chapter? We get to know what happens next.
And then we got the Cover Reveal?
Oh, are you still standing? All those TEASERS that Cyndi has been poking her fans with over the last few months? Those are all going to make sense after today.
That's what I thought.
So now that you're sitting down, here's how to get your hands on Aiden MacRae... I mean Even In Darkness:
Serious note guys: as soon as you're finished POST YOUR REVIEW. Wherever you bought, on Goodreads or both. It's so good for everyone to know what others think. If you want to go one step further, send your review to and your review will be featured on the Aiden's Angels blog. Spread the love guys!
Happy Reading!