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Between Review by Felicia Wetzig

Felicia (or, as she's known on twitter @Scotzig) gave me permission to repost her review of Between from May 2012. Check it out!

I was lured into reading Between by the idea of a “grim reaper with a Scottish accent.” The story begins at a tragic accident that has left our main character, Lindsey Waters, dead. As she takes in the scene of the accident she meets a blonde-haired Scot, who looked “like an angel.” The mysterious stranger introduces himself as Aiden McRae, and explains that he is no angel but a transporter who escorts the dead to heaven. Lindsey spends the next few days with Aiden traveling through his distant memories and a few of her own. She learns why he became a transporter as well as why he cannot enter heaven. Almost instantly, the two profess their love for one another.

The story was well written, and despite a few bumps flowed very well stylistically. Tefft also manages to throw some interesting and unpredictable twists in the story. The biggest left me in shock, and feeling empty just like Lindsey. Even the ending wasn’t entirely what I predicted, although I was mostly satisfied with the resolution.

The hardest part for me to get past was their “love” for one another. It didn’t have time to develop or grow, and since the two barely knew each other it seemed superficial. By page 8, Lindsey, a reportedly inexperienced lover, is already wondering if Aiden wears anything under his kilt, and by page 50, they’re already declaring their love after barely two days together (and ironically after watching a younger Aiden making out with a former love interest). I understand that there’s an underlying “meant to be” vibe; after 300 years as a transporter, Aiden would certainly be lonely, and Lindsey is, in my mind, bonding with the only person she has to connect with as she tries to understand what is going on. Their thoughts and actions never convince me that it’s love.

There are many religious themes and ideas in the book, not entirely surprising for a book that deals with death, but it’s written from a quite specific religious perspective; God, angels, Heaven, Hell, silent prayers, and firm beliefs against pre-marital sex. However, if you can get past the “love” hurdle, and don’t mind a bit of a religious spin, it is a worthwhile read.

My verdict: If you have an e-reader, it’s worth the price to buy it.

(Note from Vicki: One the subject of ereaders and buying the books, as of right now, Cyndi Tefft can no longer ship outside of Canada because shipping prices are too high)

Thank you Felicia for lending your review. If you have a review of Between or Hell Transporter that you'd like to share, email me at

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