Saturday, 24 August 2013

An Angels Update

We've almost reached the end of August

Fascinating I know.

The Even In Darkness Tour was AWESOME! - thank you to everyone who came out - and in case you missed it:

And in honour of the new covers, Lindsay Cox made a new Aiden's Angels logo just for you:

Isn't it gorgeous?

Well as summer comes to a close and we reveal the new covers I thought it was time for some Angels revamping. In addition to (slowly) renovating the Aiden's Angels Store (link at the top of the page), I thought I'd get your input on some site renovations.

In terms of posts I have some Features that I have and one or two articles that I'm eventually going to write. The rest is kind of up to you guys.

What do you want to see on the site?

Do you want something like the Fake Scotsmen Chat? Or a movie night? Giveaways? Are there any things about Scotland you want to learn more about? TELL ME!

As for the layout of the site, what would make it more accessible TO YOU?

Help me help you help me.

Help you.

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