Saturday, 8 March 2014


Oh my Angels, it has been too long since we've last spoken. So much has happened that I'm so excited to share with you.
First and foremost: THANK YOU to everyone who donated and spread the word about the VTtoRT campaign. It worked! You guys helped raise enough money to pay for my registration into the RT Booklovers Convention and in May, Cyndi and I are going down there to meet in person. I'm trying to convince her to vlog while we're down there so if that's something you want to see us do, tweet her to let her know.
I am so excited to be able to go, I can't thank you all enough.
Secondly, I've started updating the site again. If you look at the tab bar, you'll notice I've (finally) added the teasers for Book 4, and added a tab for all of your fabulous Interviews and Reviews. Also, if you look under the "Follow Cyndi" tab you'll find more of her writing from her Goodreads account.
I'm getting around to adding more of the fan art and that you guys have been sending in over the last few months. Art like this:

Pau Castillo

If any of you review any of the books or create fan art or write fan fiction I encourage you to email me or tweet me with the link so we can share it with everyone.
As I said back in December, we're trying to come up with a "shipper" name for Aiden and Lindsey so please tweet your ideas to Cyndi (@cynditefft) and myself (@vatrask)

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