Saturday, 15 December 2012

Blog Updates

Sorry guys, no Aiden-y goodness today but if you need your daily fix of drop-dead gorgeous, head on over to Cyndi Tefft's Pinterest Board "Handsome" *fans self* now those are some healthy, well-groomed men.

Anyways. Today I'm just going to give a really brief update on what's going on in the next few months. Not changes persae, just new things.

1) We'll be doing a post next week about Christmas and then on the 29th, we'll be looking back at Aiden's Angels and of course lots of Between 3 goodness.

2) In the new year, we'll continue to post reviews of Between and Hell Transporter (if you have reviews PLEASE send them to me but January is going to be a little different

3) Burns Night will be celebrated on January 25th with awesome stuff TBA

4) January 19th will be.... MOVIE NIGHT! I'll post an online copy of the classic 'Brigadoon' and you can watch it all day.

5) What February would be complete without a little Valentine's Day lovin' so we're going to look at the history of the day and maybe some sweet, Book BF loving as well.

5) In addition to all this awesomeness, Cyndi Tefft's third installment of the Between series will be released in the Spring but before that she's promised a title reveal and a Chapter One reading for you guys so seriously, get pumped for JANUARY 12th!!!!!!!. That's right, you guys are going to get the title of Between 3 AND the first chapter of the book in less than a month! How awesome is that?

6) The month of the release (as soon as I know, you'll know) is going to be fantastic. I'm already thinking up some things we can do to celebrate.

7) Last thing I should note is that there won't be any post on January 5th because I'm taking that entire week off as my vacation.

I think that's everything. To those of you just finishing your university exams, I wish you well, to everyone else: happy last minute Christmas shopping!


  1. I'm excited to share the title and the first chapter with all of Aiden's Angels!

    Hope you have a marvelous vacation, Vicki. :)


  2. You are amazing Vicki! And a title and first chapter?? OMG, think I will sleep til then so it will get here faster!!

    1. Yeah but then you would miss Christmas with Aiden :-) You can't miss that.