Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Between Teaser

Cyndi promised a happy teaser and she wasn't kidding. Tell me you're not melting just a little...

Joy and relief surged in me, bringing a wave of fresh tears. I tried to hold them back, but the smile on his face was my undoing. I let the tears pour down my face. “You are an angel, lass.” Grinning, I repeated the words he’d said to me when I first met him.
“No, angels are incredible beings, fierce and dangerous, and so beautiful you can barely stand to look at them.”
“You’re not proving me wrong, then,” he said, his voice a shade lower than before. One hand reached out to cradle my cheek and my heart went into overdrive. “So soft, and yet so strong,” he whispered. A lock of hair fell over his brow as he leaned forward to kiss me. All the stress from the last couple days melted away at the touch of his lips. None of it mattered. Only that moment. Only us.

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