Saturday, 6 April 2013

Review of Even In Darkness

In case you missed it (though I don't know how unless you actually were living in 18th Century Scotland at the time), Even In Darkness, the third book in the Between series was released on Monday. That means the reviews can start pouring in. If you have a review for any of the books please send them my way so they can be proudly compiled on the site.

For example, we have the first of the Even In Darkness reviews by Carrie Secor. Check it out:

Cyndi Tefft strikes again.  And when I say “strikes”, I mean “delivers a completely gripping, charming, and romantic novel that leaves readers demanding a sequel.” <– That.  She does that again.

Even in Darkness begins where Hell Transporter left off–that is, right after Lindsey and Aiden’s fairytale wedding.  But of course this couple is too unique and important to be left alone for long.  Soon enough the two of them are tossed into another reality, one where Aiden survives the battle at Eilean Donan and Lindsey is there with him.  Now the two of them are tested to see if their love, and they themselves, can survive in war-ridden Scotland.

Where Between gave us corsets, dancing, and romance, Even in Darkness dabbles in treason, injury, and lust (although Lindsey does have a minor disagreement with a corset).  We witness Lindsey and Aiden’s relationship in an entirely alternate realm, one where “up [is] down, black [is] white, right [is] wrong, and good [is] evil”.  And we cheered them on, as individuals and as a couple, even when they made surprising choices.

One of the things I truly love about the series is the way Cyndi Tefft seamlessly transitions the reader from eighteenth-century Scotland to modern day and back again.  It’s not every day you can find an author who can take us across so many different settings effectively (with the same characters, no less), and to me that is one of the marks of a truly gifted writer.

So, yes, Cyndi Tefft has struck again, and I for one can’t wait until the next installment to see where she takes us next.

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