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Our Love of the Scottish Boy

Shielding my eyes with my hand, I turned and peered at the towering figure. Illuminated from behind, his wavy blond hair shone like a halo around his head. He wore a cream shirt and pants and couldn’t have been much older than me, but he looked like a Greek god. When he smiled, a dimple appeared on one cheek.
“Weel, hallo there,” he said in a thick accent. My eyebrows shot up in surprise.
Without thinking I blurted, “You’re Scottish.”
Brilliant, Einstein.
He threw his head back and laughed – rich, joyous sound that bounced off the water. “Aye, that I am, indeed. Aiden MacRae of Eilean Donan. Very pleased to be meeting you.” He bowed with a grand sweep of his arm, and straightened with an upright carriage that cast an air of royalty.
“Wow. Um, I’m uh…” I struggled to think of something impressive to say in return but gave up. “I’m Lindsey. Lindsey Waters.”
He repeated my name carefully with a sweet lilt I’d never heard before. It’s a lovely name.” He tipped his head and smiled, his blue eyes crinkled in the corners.
I wanted to say something witty, but I just stood there, absorbing him with my eyes. He knelt beside the water and took a drink. I couldn’t help but stare at the strength of his movements: swift and fluid in one way, but filled with an undying power, like a lion at rest.
“You look like an angel,” I breathed.
Oh man, did I just say that out loud?
“Thank you kindly, lass. But no, angels are incredible beings, fierce and dangerous, and so beautiful you can barely stand to look that them.” He fit the description pretty well, but I kept my mouth shut. “No, I’m not an angel. I’m what you might call a Transporter. I’m here to take you from earth to heaven.”
Can you believe it was only two years ago that we met this Greek (or I guess Scottish) God on the banks of the In Between. Now look how far he’s come. Married to the love his life with three books under his belt and another one on the way.

Today is a very special day; do you know why?

It’s his BIRTHDAY today!

On May 1st 1699 Aiden MacRae was born and now, 314 years later he’s here for us to swoon over and adore. How fantastic is that?

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’ve got a few things for you but you know what would be an amazing present? Reviews.

Even In Darkness was released 30 Days ago and I know many of you have received your copies and no doubt tore through them as quickly as possible. The best thing you can do for Cyndi, for Aiden, and in support of this amazing series is to review it and post it on Goodreads as well as wherever you purchased the book from (Amazon, Nook etc.). It’s such an amazing gift.

And speaking of gifts, let’s get this party started!

Any good party begins with a…



Were you surprised? Who doesn’t love a Scotsman in a kilt? Well here are some more:



What? You want more? Well you can find them all on Cyndi’s Pinterest page

Next part of the party is of course the cake.

Below you’ll find two cakes (one alcoholic and one not). Now, I’ve yet to make these cakes so if you try them please let me know how they turn out. Tweet me pictures if you can.

Yum! Looks good, right?

Well, the next part is everyone’s favourite, presents!

So the first part of the present is the giveaway that Cyndi hosted in celebration of Even In Darkness being released into the wild. That ended yesterday and the winner will be announced soon.

This present is a little more like a tribute to Aiden. A tribute to a fangirl’s love of the hunky Scotsman.

The lovely Jessica Baker (also known as @makesmeworse12) from tells us just what it is she loves about Aiden MacRae.
Aiden MacRae. That Hot Scot. We all know him, and well love him; we simply can’t help it. In every sense of the word, Aiden is irresistible.
Let’s look at this systematically, shall we?
His accent. Personally, I have a thing for accents. Especially when they are used to say amazingly sweet things. Aiden’s accent ALONE could be enough to make me—and I’m sure others, too—love him.
His looks. I’m going to keep this appropriate, and simply say that AIDEN IS FREAKING HOT. There is no way anyone can deny it. I mean, honestly, the guy wears a kilt! Zachary (another Hot Scot from another wonderful series called Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready) was completely correct when he said that a kilt is like male lingerie to us. No one can deny this either—kilts are hot.
His personality. Our boy Aiden is as sweet as can be. He’s a gentleman, but he knows when to…not be a gentleman. I’m going to focus on the sweet gentleman thing, though, because I’m still keeping this appropriate. Remember in Between when he and Lindsey were in the car with her parents, and he mom was telling her she should find a man who can play an instrument, then her dad said she should wait for a guy who loves her, trusts her, wants her only to be happy, and will never ever leave her? And then her mom said she’ll never find someone like that and Aiden (along with her dad, but that’s not the point) said “She will” rather forcefully? Well that was our boy being sweet. He is sweet and caring to a fault and I love him for it. We all love him for it.
Another thing about Aiden—he’s brave. And protective. He is, by all definitions of the word a MAN.
So, this was an attempt to rationally define why we all love Aiden the way we do. Why we are all devoted to being his angels. But what about the part that can’t be rationalized? The part where we just love him because we love him? Because that IS a factor in this equation, too. And there really isn’t an answer to this. It’s just a part we acknowledge, and let it be.
Because we all know that, whatever the reason, Aiden will always be our irresistible Hot Scot. ;)

Oh don’t think we forgot about you. Of course we didn’t. The lovely and wonderful Cyndi Tefft has posted a bonus scene from Hell Transporter for your enjoyment:

The late morning sun streams through the window of the cabin loft. I stretch in the warmth of the bed and watch tiny particles of dust dance in the yellow rays. Aiden breathes deep and even at my side and I allow myself a moment to bask in the rightness that is this moment, this bubble of time we’ve carved out of reality, where only he and I exist, tucked away in the woods, trying to catch up on all the time we’ve missed.

One thing I missed this past year is about to be rectified, if only I can sneak away quietly enough to keep from waking him. If he wakes up, he’ll want to know what I’m doing and I want to surprise him.

Sliding out of the bed, I gingerly place one foot on the bare hardwood floor and then another, all the while listening to Aiden’s breathing. In. Out. In. Out.

So far, so good.

Then I’m free of the bed’s embrace and clothed in nothing more than a sunbeam, still listening, afraid he’ll sense that I’m missing from the bed. But he doesn’t, so I quickly slip a satin nightie on and tiptoe down the stairs to grab his present out of my purse.

Once I hit the kitchen floor, I am lightning speed, hoping I’ll make it back before he wakes up. Careful to skip the squeaky step, I dash back up the stairs and round the corner just as Aiden rolls onto his back and breathes out a deep sigh. His eyes are closed, but he is starting to stir. The sheet is lightly draped across his hips and tented in the middle. I can’t help the grin that steals across my face at the sight.

Want to read the rest? Find it here

How do you love Aiden? Tweet, comment, post, skywrite your love for Aiden and use the hashtag #Aiden314. Don’t forget to tweet @AidenMacRae all your birthday wishes.
Oh and Just for fun, here is a post about why Scotland is better than England

Là breith sona dhuit!

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