Saturday, 22 September 2012

Guest Post by AllieSJay

I asked my dear friend Alex Johns (most of you will know her as @AllieSJay) to write a short article about why she loved Aiden MacRae and she was a little too giddy when it came to writing. What little things endear you to out lovely Aiden MacRae? Leave your comments below.

Aiden MacRae. Sweet, lovable, sexy, charming, and maddening as hell Aiden MacRae. Sigh. Ok I need to get it together I’m supposed to be writing a post about Aiden here not drooling all over my keyboard.  Mr. MacRae tends to have that effect on us fan girls. Wink, wink. Normally I would start off a post by telling you all a little about the character I’m discussing but since this is a fan site and by that logic we have all read the books so I’m just going to skip that part and go right into the good stuff.
                                `                     Little Things that Make Aiden So Adorable
 His accent. Dear lord in Heaven, I have had to put up with some pretty terrible accents while reading books and had almost sworn them off completely until a certain Scot came along. Aiden’s accent is cute, sexy and pretty darn hilarious at times. It’s easy to understand what he’s saying and still get a feel for how he says it. Don’t believe me? I’ve got proof.
“Weel, hallo there,” he said in a thick accent… He threw his head back and laughed—a rich, joyous sound that bounced off the water… “Aye, that I am, indeed. Aiden MacRae of Eilean Donan. Very pleased to be meeting you.”
His kilt. I never knew kilts could be so sexy. Yes, I’ve seen a man in a kilt before but no one has been able to sway me to team kilt quite like Aiden MacRae has. Look at this quote and tell me it didn’t change your whole outlook on kilts. Go on, I dare you.
I’d never seen a guy in a kilt before but I had to admit I really liked it. My gaze traveled up his bare calves and over his back. His muscles flexed as he bent to arrange the twigs and limbs for the fire. The kilt covered his legs at one moment, then revealed them anew as he stood up…I suddenly remembered the saying that Scots don’t wear anything under their kilts and pushed back a crazy impulse to see for myself.
I mean seriously how could you not love kilts after that?
 His complete and utter shock when he found out just how we girls in the 21st century dress. This was one of my favorite little things about him. It was so hilarious whenever he would remark on how indecent it is for girls to walk around in shorts and a tank top; and his complete seriousness when he pondered on whether they were whores or not left me in stiches.  You’ve got some catching up to do in the fashion department Mr. MacRae, three hundred years is a lot of fabric to cover. Although, I’m sure Lindsey would be more than happy to educate you. Insert sly wink here.
Well there you have it. These are just a few things that make Aiden MacRae oh so adorable in my eyes. I wanted to keep it light and fluffy. If I didn’t I don’t think I would have ever finished this post. There is just way too much to love in that one man. I hope all you angels enjoyed it and now I present you with some tasties of guys in kilts.  Enjoy .   


Disclaimer: I don’t own either of these photos they were found through the power of Google. Also all quotes come directly from Between written by Cyndi Tefft.


  1. The scene that had me in giggles was in Hell Transporter, trying to explain what a condom was. He was so hurt it was absolutely adorable.

  2. Oh my gosh I love that scene! It was so funny when he was like What the hell is in that tiny box!! lol