Saturday, 29 September 2012

Guest Post by Michelle Stuart

The darling Michelle Stuart (@2_Cheeky on twitter) has kindly added her two cents to the eternal discussion: Why DO we love Aiden MacRae? Your thoughts?

What can I say about Aiden Macrae? What do you say about a gorgeous, buff man in a kilt, with long flowing hair, calling you Lass and Mon Cherie in a Scottish accent? I mean , I am shedding clothes just thinking about him. Aiden is everything you always wanted in a man all rolled into one juicy, sexy, oh my kind of guy! The story of Aiden and Lindsey gives me reason to believe in true love, even if I have to wait for the afterlife to find it. The creativity of Cyndi Tefft is nothing short of brilliant- but enough about Cyndi, let's get back to Aiden! I fell for Aiden immediately upon reading Between .He is a man who had the body of a God, the hair of Fabio, the mind of a scholar, the patience of a saint, a love that is never ending, and to top it all off he hadn't had sex in 300 years! I mean how perfect can one man be? I mean seriously, 300 years of pent of sexual frustration? I am so in!  

Why do you love Aiden, Books or Scotland? Leave it in the comments below.

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