Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Indie Elite Article

If you haven't read the Between series by Cyndi Tefft, you are missing out on the hunky Scottish reaper, Aiden MacRae. Aiden has spent the last three hundred years transporting souls to heaven while he waits for the one whose love will redeem him. When he meets Lindsey, he knows the time has come, but heaven is calling her away. Will their love be strong enough to transcend all boundaries?

Fans of the series call themselves Aiden's Angels and they now have their own fan site complete with reader-created trailers, fan fiction, and a link to Aiden's Angels merchandise! How cool is that? Aiden also has his own Twitter account and Facebook page. He's one busy reaper!
This makes it official Angels, we're awesome. Check out the rest of the article here -->
And be sure to check out Heather McCorkle here --->
And while we're on the subject of articles about hunky Scottish men, I am looking for some Angels to write some articles for me. They'll be featured here, on my blog, on Cyndi's blog (hopefully) and a bunch of other magical places on the internet. If you have reviews of either Between or Hell Transporter please let me know where I can find them. If you have some ideas for other topics pertaining to Writing, Scotland or why it is you love hunky Scottish men then send me a comment, tweet, facebook message, e-mail, skywrite or shout if you live in the Canadian area and we'll begin a dialogue. In the meantime, stay fancy and never wear underwear under your kilt. Ta!

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