Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat!!!

Hey Angels we’re here (finally) with the transcript from the Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat that took place last Saturday Night. It was a lot of fun and we all got to hang out with our favourite book Scotsmen. So here’s how to navigate: The @ in the corner is the beginning of a new conversation and all @ names underneath are the answers to that conversation.
@moore_zachary is Zachary Moore
@connelly_martin is Martin Connelly
@AidenMacRae is Aiden MacRae
And everyone else are the twitter guests who had a blast fooling around.
If anything doesn’t make sense, tweet me, email me or leave it in the comments below.
Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat
@moore_zachary:           Welcome, everyone, to the #FakeScotsmen chat! We'll start in 2 minutes. @AidenMacRae & @connelly_martin, youse here?
@moore_zachary: It's a wee bit loud in the pub here. asier to tweet than talk.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that I am!
@cynditefft:      Bagpipes playing. Fire burning. Dinner cooking. Ready for the #FakeScotsmen chat with @AidenMacRae, @moore_zachary, and @connelly_martin!
@moore_zachary: Youse can ask us any questions at all. We shall TRY to keep up, but these things have a way of outrunning us.
And the fun began…..
@makesmeworse12:   @moore_zachary Y'all have really hot accents, but what accents do YOU GUYS find adorable?
                                    @connelly_martin: I fancy an American accent myself. Especially east coast tough guy. What's that--Brooklyn, aye?
@AidenMacRae: American, of course. French is none sae bad, either. 'Tis really more the lass, though.
                                    @moore_zachary: Like Martin, I fancy American accents, too. (M also secretly loves an Edinburgh accent.)
@connelly_martin: Oh, that's how it is, aye? We embarrass each other?
@AidenMacRae: *rubs hands together* I'd be interested tae hear more embarrassing stories about @moore_zachary! Ha!
@connelly_martin: Not for free, mate! :-D
                                    @makesmeworse12: This is going to be fun. Hehe. And just so you know, *I* have an American accent.
@makesmeworse12: I have three, actually!  
@clairehuggy:   @tnmedicgirl Good evening hun :)
@tnmedicgirl: Hi! You got tea ready?
@tnmedicgirl: ah that makes for a nice relaxing evening :)
@AidenMacRae: The tea is drunk, or you are?
@clairehuggy: Oh HaHa sadly just the tea. I have enough trouble typing sober!
@vatrask:            Alright #FakeScotsmen what's your favourite drink?
                        @moore_zachary: My favourite drink is Irn Bru. Favourite alcoholic drink, probably a Bellhaven (that's a Scottish ale).
@AidenMacRae: Scotch, of course! ;)
                        @connelly_martin: Mmm, I fancy a nice Balvenie 12yo on a special occasion. But Tennent's for everyday. (and night.)
@AidenMacRae: There are so many drinks from this century I'd like to try. Of late, I prefer Macallan Cask Strength.
@GabyLafara:   @connelly_martin hey Martin, are you still giving massages?
@connelly_martin: I am still giving massages! Wish I could do them over Twitter. :(
@GabyLafara: @connelly_martin that's be great  
@RachelllRaeee3h:        Tuning in and out of the #fakescotsmen chat as I study for my quiz that's due today! (Why it's on Saturdays befuddles me.)
                                    @tnmedicgirl: I should be studying for my quiz Monday but this was more fun :)
@RachelllRaeee: I wish I didn't have to, but my test/quiz is due TONIGHT. And I have to study. And video record it. ):
@RachelllRaeee: Ah, but I have to do it by a certain time or else I fail. I wish I could schmiz it.
@tnmedicgirl: that's my feelings towards the quiz tonight .. y'all are more important
@AidenMacRae: That could become a new saying: "schmiz it." Ha!
@tnmedicgirl: Haha sounds good!
                                    @RachelllRaeee: I'm so going to start using that. Mom: Clean your room! Me: I'm reading. Schmiz it!  
@connelly_martin:        I found pics online of where @moore_zachary & I live in Glasgow. Anyone fancy seeing them?
This, of course, was met by a chorus of ‘yes’s.
@connelly_martin:        Here's the famous Shakespeare Street, where the playwright was once beaten half to death for 2 farthings: File:Shakespeare Street - - 1515008.jpg
@moore_zachary: Nice one. Tragic, that.
                                    @AidenMacRae: Get beaten near tae death, then they name a street after ye?
@connelly_martin: The LEAST we can do, aye? "Sorry aboot that. Here's a wee handkerchief for the blood. Can ye spell yer name?"
@AidenMacRae: Haha! Sounds Scottish enough. Hot heided but hospitable to the end.
@Rpatzz:             Question: favorite mode of transportation?
@AidenMacRae: Casting! Just imagine the scene as ye'd like it and it appears afore ye. #besttravelmodeever
                        @connelly_martin: Favourite mode of transport: convertible Jaguar. At least, I think it WOULD be, should I have the chance.
@moore_zachary: Favourite mode of transport: train. Least favourite: planes (for obvious reasons).
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that plane thing didna work out well for ye.
@Rpatzz:             @AidenMacRae you can go here too …
@AidenMacRae: Aye, but I could not quite determine how to reply there, so am using the hashtag instead. Wasna like this 300 yrs ago!
@makesmeworse12: *high 5!*
@AidenMacRae: *high fives back*
@makesmeworse12: *SWOONS*
@tnmedicgirl:   Anywhere special y'all would like to visit someday? #bucketlist
@moore_zachary: I desperately want to see Hawaii. With Aura, of course.
@tnmedicgirl: that would be perfect! Hawaii is on my list
@AidenMacRae: I dinna think I'd like Lindsey in her bathing suit with all those other men at the beach.
@AidenMacRae: I'd love to visit Italy, the birthplace of this blissful meal they call "pizza". Canna get enough.
@moore_zachary: I'm long past jealousy with Aura, cos of you-know-who.
@AidenMacRae: Right. I miss that bloke, truth be told. Shouldn't he make an appearance? ;)
@keeley_logan: *slides in, Kramer style* YOU RANG???
@tnmedicgirl: Logan!!!! Hi!!!! Now the party is complete
@makesmeworse12: YAY, you're here!
@AidenMacRae: Lovely to see ye, mate! How's the other side?
@keeley_logan: it's pretty great, thanks. i actually am going to scoot/scram/skedaddle now. #yayamericanwords
@connelly_martin: Sigh...American words are adorable.
@tnmedicgirl: Bye Logan! :(
@AidenMacRae: Aye, back to your heavenly bliss and all that. ;) *boots you*
@makesmeworse12: and the sadface is back.
@vatrask:            Boys, what is your favourite place in the world?
@connelly_martin: Favourite place in the world = Glasgow.

@connelly_martin: I fancy Glasgow cos the men here are the cutest. #notreallytrue #butitellmyselfthat
: Favorite place = Eilean Donan Castle. My home. With Lindsey. All of the above.

                        @clairehuggy: I'm not surprised. It's amazing. Sorry about the mess the #SHADEboys left it in when they visited
@AidenMacRae: Ha! Aye, I saw the Zogan pic. ;)
@The_Poupette: Glasgow seems so wonderful
@AidenMacRae: I've never been, but would love to!
@moore_zachary: It is wonderful--you should come and visit! Forget Edinburgh & Loch Ness. ;)
@AidenMacRae: *draws sword* Forget the Highlands? Never!
@The_Poupette: Ohh Highlands seem wonderful too x_x
@vatrask: how can you forget this?
@moore_zachary: Didnae say "forget the Highlands". Just Loch Ness. Calm yersel, mate.
@AidenMacRae: *sheathes sword* Right. Got carried away.
@vatrask: seems we need Lindsey to reign you in ;)
@AidenMacRae: Aye, that she does. She also says she can wear her bathing suit wherever the hell she wants. O.o
@tnmedicgirl: been there once lower cali it was pretty
                                @3fixedhearts: WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA! It's nice here. (nicole- "lower cali" i love it. that's funny)
@tnmedicgirl: lmao! Couldn't remember where else I went other than Tahoe went with a friend on his rig
@moore_zachary: Is "Lower Cali" the bit that's in Mexico? ;-D
@clairehuggy: That thin bit that joins the two?
@3fixedhearts: i don't know. ask @tnmedicgirl exactly where is lower cali? usually that means disneyland. haha #smartass
@tnmedicgirl: I don't remember we went way to many places... I remember going thru Tahoe then we went south lol
@3fixedhearts: so she went thru 'upper cali' then fell down the hill and went to 'lower cali' haha
@tnmedicgirl: sure lmao
@3fixedhearts: but you're both welcome to come visit. It's lovely here!!
@tnmedicgirl: I would love to other than on a 18 wheeler.. can't see much that way :(
@connelly_martin:        A prettier pic, also of Maryhil. File:Ruchill Church at canal.jpgIt's NO SAE BAD as they say! (Milngavians, GTF.)
@KiltAndKeeley: That looks like a nice place for a romantic stroll with someone special. Aye?
                                    @connelly_martin: I try tae avoid romantic strolls where a church can see me. VERY difficult in Glasgow (they're *everywhere*)
@moore_zachary: Perhaps you should explain "Milngavians, GTF." One bit at a time.
@connelly_martin: A'right. Milngavie = posh suburb north of Glasgow. The ppl there drive through Maryhill to reach downtown.
@connelly_martin: And GTF is Twitter-safe abbreviation for "Get tae fuck!" which is like, I think, "Fuck off!" in American?
@moore_zachary: Correct. I'm sure they're all grateful for this Scots lesson and will use GTF frequently in everyday speech.
@connelly_martin: They should!
@vatrask: I'm going to use that now
@clairehuggy:   so guys do you prefer Christmas or Hogmanay?
@connelly_martin: Hogmanay a thousand times!!!
@clairehuggy: you do it in style.
@moore_zachary: I must say Hogmanay, too. 100x the fun and none of the gift-giving, church-going expectations.
@AidenMacRae: In my time, Hogmanay wasna what it is today. Christmas was a much more robust celebration, so I'd say that one.
@GabyLafara:   favorite ice cream flavor?
@connelly_martin: ALL the flavours!!
@GabyLafara: hahaha, nice
@AidenMacRae: Tried Scotch tablet ice cream the other day. Divine!
@GabyLafara: OMG they do it in ice cream!! I really need to try that.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, in Aberfoyle. A wee shop with a drawing of a lass fishing that says "Show Off Yer Bobbers!"
@clairehuggy: Aberfolye is lovely. I will pop in and try some next time i'm that way.
@RachelllRaeee:             How was Halloween for you guys? Did you dress up?
@connelly_martin: Naw, we're too old for fancy dress (costumes, I think you call it?). That's for weans.
@moore_zachary: Lots of adult Americans wear fancy dress for Halloween. Usually "Sexy [Fill in the blank]".
@connelly_martin: Oh, like Tarts & Vicars?
@vatrask: you are never too old to play dress up
@makesmeworse12: Ha! I second this!
@RachelllRaeee: What she said!
@RachelllRaeee: That seems like every day wear.
@makesmeworse12: But it would be like costume to us. And completely hot. It's a win-win
@moore_zachary: A bit like Tarts & Vicars. But without so much tarts or vicars.
@connelly_martin: I only wear kilts to fitba matches. Not to work at the pub (which is where I was on Halloween).
@clairehuggy: Oh a bit drafty round the terraces.
@makesmeworse12: Aww, you probably would have looked so cute, though!
@connelly_martin: Cold air fortifies the essentials.
@moore_zachary: "The essentials"? That's what you're calling them now?
@clairehuggy: frozen assets
@makesmeworse12: I don't need fancy dress or even a kilt to be cute! ;) (It does help, though.)
@connelly_martin: The Essentials. Capitalised. Aye, I like this.
@makesmeworse12:     I find it funny how the in emails I get about the #FakeScotsmen replies to my tweets, only @moore_zachary's are marked as "important."
@moore_zachary: Was it you marked them "important" or did they arrive that way?
@makesmeworse12: It arrived that way. Apparently, my email likes you best.
@librarychickD:                Favorite Scottish food and favorite American food?
@moore_zachary: Favourite Scottish food = everything in a full Scottish breakfast (I will spare you a pic).
@AidenMacRae: Favorite Scottish food: fresh caught fish roasted over an open fire.
@AidenMacRae: Favorite American food: M n M s. Lindsey says they're "like crack".
@tnmedicgirl: I agree with Lindsey
@librarychickD: yes they are!! #omnomnom
@moore_zachary: Favourite American food? A draw between Philly cheese steak and Maryland crab cakes.
@AidenMacRae: Favorite Scottish food: fresh caught fish roasted over an open fire.
c_cass189:           If we went to visit you, where would you take us?

                          @moore_zachary: First I'd take you to the Barras. Then the Necropolis. Then back to the West End to Oran Mor (where SHINE ended).
@connelly_martin: If ye come there, I'll let ye have a drink on the house. #justonethough
@c_cass189: You'll drink with me, won't you? :P
@connelly_martin: Of course I'll drink with you! At the end of the night when I'm off. :)  
@GabyLafara:   so which song has been stuck in your head lately?
@moore_zachary: Today I've had "Bricks of Our Building" by Olympic Swimmers stuck in my heid.
@connelly_martin: That new one by Taylor Swift. Cannae even say the name or it'll start again.
@AidenMacRae: *cough* What Makes You Beautiful *cough* Catchy song, that! *looks away*
@tnmedicgirl16h:           How's the weather there?
@moore_zachary: Cold, but mostly clear. As it is in Baltimore. But it gets dark much earlier here now.
@tnmedicgirl: yeah time goes back tonight here too.. I was hoping it was warmer there than here lol i was gonna hop a plane
@moore_zachary: *checks thermometer, does Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion* It's 36 degrees.
@tnmedicgirl: boo! Same here at night... daytime has been in the 60s-70s
@vatrask: I still think everyone should just convert to Celsius. So much easier.
@moore_zachary: I agree! But Aura tells me it'll never happen there.
@AidenMacRae: And now that we've discussed the weather, what say we have Zach tell us an embarrassing story? Hehe.
@moore_zachary: An embarrassing story? I've a good one on the tumblr. Stand by for the link. *pops out*
@makesmeworse12: Is this going to be the embarrassing story I'm thinking it is? Because, awww!
Around this point…..we started to get a little (really) silly…
@makesmeworse12:     Hey, #FakeScotsmen, I'm eating cookies. Or, well, "biscuits." Want one? I'll send you one to virtually enjoy! Hehe.
@moore_zachary: *holds out hand* Yes, please.

@makesmeworse12: You get three because my email likes you best ;) Embedded image permalink
@moore_zachary: *drools, puts kettle on*
@AidenMacRae: Mmmm, merci ma cherie!

@makesmeworse12: You're about to make me swoon out of my chair. HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?
@vatrask: Because he's perfect. Duh.
@makesmeworse12: Hope you enjoy!
@AidenMacRae: *blushes* *picks you both up and twirls you around*
@vatrask: *faints* catch me
@makesmeworse12: *giggles* You have such a cute blush!
@The_Poupette: @AidenMacRae Ahh tu parles français?
@AidenMacRae: Oui, but only in bits and pieces or else Lindsey gives me the evil stink eye.
@makesmeworse12: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. It's so sad. I got Aiden's, though. You are welcome, Aiden. :) *more swooning*
@The_Poupette: I just said "so you speak french?" ;)
@makesmeworse12: Gotcha. Thank you! :)
@vatrask: Can you teach your lovely followers som Gaelic then?
@AidenMacRae: Only one phrase you need to know: Tha gaol agam ort. I love you. ;)
@connelly_martin:        I keep almost typing #FakeScrotsmen. Nae joke.
@moore_zachary: I just did it, too. Corruptor. #FakeScrotsmen
@connelly_martin: Aye, RIIIIGHT. One day they'll all know who's the corruptor & who's the corruptee. #FakeScrotsmen
@moore_zachary: You mean corruptED? #FakeScrotsmen
@keeley_logan: FYI, i am over here dying re: #FakeScrotsmen.
@connelly_martin: I hate tae think why they'd be fake. #FakeScrotsmen
@AidenMacRae: hahahahahahahahaha "Nothing's worn, all in good working order" as they say.
@moore_zachary: @connelly_martin Ye've never seen the ones they make for dugs? Neuticles!
@connelly_martin: I've NEVER seen Neuticles? Is this a Yank thing?
@keeley_logan: they make them for trucks, too. TRUCKNUTZ!!
@AidenMacRae: That may well be the funniest and saddest thing I've ever seen.
@moore_zachary:           Ah, found my most embarrassing moment story, per @AidenMacRae's request:
@makesmeworse12: Yeah, I've read this. LOVE YOU, ZACHARY!
@tnmedicgirl: awe! <3
@AidenMacRae: *chokes with laughter* I can see it. And 'tis none too pretty. hahaha
@GabyLafara: *hugs*
@tnmedicgirl:   Listening to #edsheeran while talking to my fav #FakeScotsmen perfect <3
@AidenMacRae: Bloke has a bloody brilliant voice, I must say.
@tnmedicgirl: yes he does!
@vatrask:            During the #FakeScotsmen Chat I was listening to Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and this song makes me giggle:
@AidenMacRae: Lindsey just shouted o'er my shoulder "Oooh! I love that movie!" Guess we'll be watching it soon. ;)
@vatrask: Tis a right good movie I promise ye
@AidenMacRae: Nice accent you have there! ;)
@vatrask: It's all the time I spend with you (and Lindsey of course)
(It really is a good movie but the misogyny of a 1950s set in the 1880s is laughable)
@makesmeworse12:     I am sad. @connelly_martin apparently didn't want a cookie. *yet another sadface*
@connelly_martin: Never said I didnae want a cookie! PLEASE can I have one?
@makesmeworse12: Of course you can! I offered ages ago :( Give me a sec to find a really good one, k?
@AidenMacRae: *swoops in and eats Martin's cookie*
@makesmeworse12: Do these look good, or should I find different ones? Embedded image permalink
@makesmeworse12: Aww. THAT WAS NOT NICE, AIDEN. *sadface* Sorry, Martin. Want another? That Aiden WILL NOT steal?
@connelly_martin: Aye. Please. *eyes @AidenMacRae, readies pipe wrench behind back*
@AidenMacRae: Ah, I never promised to play nice, did I? *winks*
@makesmeworse12: Whoa, boys. There are enough for both of you! Here ya go! <3 Embedded image permalink
@vatrask: you should know better boys; Scotsmen never play fair
@connelly_martin: Cheers, lass! I mean, merci bien!! Tu est la PLUS gentille!
@makesmeworse12: *blushes*
@makesmeworse12: Why, Aiden. I've always thought of you as a gentleman. A very swoon-worthy one, specifically.
@AidenMacRae: Well, I'd better be on my best behavior as to not lose your faith in me. ;)
@makesmeworse12: And we have peace at last. I can be happy again!
@makesmeworse12: Aww, now there's the sweet side I know and love.
@moore_zachary:           So while @AidenMacRae woos the lasses with French, the #SHADEboys discuss imitation baws. #weare12
@AidenMacRae: MDR (that's ROFL in French).
one the many reasons why we love y'all lol never know what might happen
@connelly_martin: Nous pouvons discuter des testicules imitations EN FRANCAIS. #FauxScrotsmen
@The_Poupette: Bien, parlons-en alors.
@moore_zachary     SWOON, LASSIES, SWOON! RT @connelly_martin: Nous pouvons discuter des testicules imitations EN FRANCAIS.
@connelly_martin: I like all the accents! Except Edinburgh, though I'm getting used to it.
@moore_zachary: You'd have to, what w/it being whispered in yer ear every--never mind.
@c_cass189: You stopped at the best part, Zach! :P
@moore_zachary: I did?
@GabyLafara: yes you did! lol!
@moore_zachary: OK, I guess I would've finished with the word "night." Not really the most interesting part. *shrugs*
@connelly_martin: Oh, I thought you were going to say "Wednesday". Which would've been SCANDALOUS.
@AidenMacRae: So, are ye thinking of getting a ring for Aura's pretty finger? Because ye ken well enough she's the one. ;)
@moore_zachary: No, we're too young. But someday. She is the one, for certain.  
@moore_zachary:           Oh, is it Surprise Time now? I'm rather nervous about it.
                                             After little encouragement on the part of the fans…
@Rpatzz: awesome news! ....what's belter?
@c_cass189: It looks great! :D
@GabyLafara: OMG!! I love it!!
@moore_zachary: Belter means something good, like fun. One of our many words for "awesome".
@AidenMacRae: Brilliant cover, mate! Though it sounds like a rough time for you. *one armed manly hug*
@moore_zachary: Thanks. I think it's brilliant, too, in all senses of the word.
@roztriani: I was definetly not aware of this book *--* I can't believe I'll see 'you' again :') The cover is amazing!!! <3
@connelly_martin: That's cover's a pure stoater! But wait--you had some bad times? Where was I?
@AidenMacRae: I've only one scene from my point of view and even that was wrenching. I canna imagine what you've been thru.
@GabyLafara: what does stoater means?
@connelly_martin: "that's pure stoater" just means "that's awesome" or "really great". SUPERB.
(By this point if kind of felt like a mini language lesson but when three hot guys are teaching you, who cares?)
@AidenMacRae:              I'd like to thank my good mates @moore_zachary and @connelly_martin for an entertaining chat tonight! Fake scrots and all! :)
@tnmedicgirl: you leaving?
@PanicWritten: Bwwwaaa haaa haaaaa Can't - breathe - Laughing - too - hard. *gasp*
@moore_zachary: Hah! Cheers to you, too--have to do it again soon!
@AidenMacRae: Bien sur! hahaha  
(Don’t worry guys, he won’t be leaving for a while)
@moore_zachary:           @roztriani You'll see a lot of me. Happy you like the cover!
@roztriani: Oooh, glad to hear that!!! Can't wait to read that book, even if there's bad... events :p
@moore_zachary: There's some bad things, but lots of funny things, too. And some sexytimes, as the Yanks say.
@AidenMacRae: Ah, like the shower scene, methinks. ;) #FakeScotsmen #intheshower
@roztriani: Wait, I'm lost! What shower scene? *--* Did I forget something, already!?
@vatrask:            Oh my goodness. Next to #FakeScotsmen, #intheshower is my favourite hashtag of the day. Expecially when paired with the former.
@AidenMacRae: I suppose then ye'd know if they were #FauxScrotsHommes or not. hahahaha
@connelly_martin: I want a shower scene!
@moore_zachary: Then write one yersel.
@GabyLafara: I think you need a shower scene too, lol
@connelly_martin: Shower scenes for all!!
@vatrask: I think *I* need a shower scene. Any volunteers?
@GabyLafara: lmao
@keeley_logan: Oprah Winfrey: YOU get a shower scene! & YOU get a shower scene!
@AidenMacRae: *cough* I have one, actually. *cough* (warning, for adults only)
@connelly_martin: I'll be back.
@roztriani: Holly Lord! I HAVE to read Between, already!
@connelly_martin: NICE! Except for the female bits. Skimmed those.
@AidenMacRae: Thanks! And nae worries. I'm happy to take care of the female bits. ;)
@roztriani: Are you going to do your own shower scene?

@vatrask: *fans self* thank you  
@connelly_martin:        Think I WILL. RT @roztriani: @connelly_martin Are you going to do your own shower scene?
@moore_zachary: Why not? It's tradition. I got one, Ciara & Shane got one.
@connelly_martin: Hmm, it's overdone, then. Perhaps a rain scene! We've lots of that here.
@AidenMacRae: Or perhaps in the loch? Many to choose from, aye?
@connelly_martin: GOOD GOD. *bookmarks*
@vatrask: @cynditefft has an orgasmic amount of those
(she does. If you haven’t checked out her Pinterest account, you really should)
@connelly_martin: *pouts* I'm not ALLOWED to post such pics, cos of being in YA.
@moore_zachary: Did you really just pout? Give me yer Man Card.
@vatrask: Well when you make the move to A, we'll be waiting
@connelly_martin: Only in my dreams, lass. Only in my dreams.
@vatrask: that's so funny... mine too
@moore_zachary: There could be ways to make yer dreams a reality. #nomdeplume
@AidenMacRae: Nom de plume, aye? Like J.K. Growling? LOL
@vatrask: I'm sorry the thought of Aiden saying LOL makes me LOL
@AidenMacRae: I'm trying to adapt to the times! Cut a guy some slack, yo! #300yearstocatchupon
@vatrask: alright homeslice I'll give you some slack.
@AidenMacRae: I'd be lost without Google. *types homeslice for a definition* *nods*
@makesmeworse12:     Is the #FakeScotsmen chat over?
@moore_zachary: It's in its after-party stage now.
@AidenMacRae: Is this where we pass out the champagne and everyone tells us how marvelous the show was?
@makesmeworse12: NO! Then I'd have to leave.
@AidenMacRae: Ah, sparkling cider then. ;)
@makesmeworse12: That would work. Thank you, Aiden!
@moore_zachary: My favourite band did a song about after-parties:'s quite lovely. (Explicit Content)
@connelly_martin: I've a feeling yer Introvert Countdown clock has started.
@moore_zachary: Would you be good enough to take me home? Mate?
@connelly_martin: Only if you let me finish yer drink.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, time to shut down the pub and chase out the stragglers. Good night, my friends!
@moore_zachary: As if you've not already finished it. *pays the bill, as always*
@vatrask:            So @AidenMacRae how are you and your new wife doing? Any stories to tell?
@AidenMacRae: Och, that's...erm. I'll not lie. Has been a bumpy ride. Not because of her, though.
@vatrask: If you hurt Lindsey... *stern look*
@AidenMacRae: *stutters* She... I... *sighs and hangs head* Aye, you have the right of it. I'd never want to hurt her.
@vatrask: I know you dinah mean ta do things sweetie but as long as you make it better
@AidenMacRae: That I will. You can count on it.
@vatrask: I look forward to it
@synfulsaleana99:         Noooo missed the #fakescotsmen chat!
@AidenMacRae: And "schmiz it", #FakeScrotsmen, #FauxScrotsHommes, and shower scenes for all! Been quite a night. ;)
@synfulsaleana99: Oh goodness. I wish I was there!
@vatrask: you will be there later lass. Patience.
@synfulsaleana99: Patience isn't a virtue that I have when dealing with #FakeScotsmen.
@vatrask: Sadly me neither but you'll have to wait until later sadly.
@AidenMacRae: Aye, patience and Scots dinna go well together. #truth
@moore_zachary: Speak for yersel! Moore family motto is "through patience I overcome difficulty." ...though it sounds better in the original Latin. /Durum patientia frango/.
@vatrask: Well my family motto is: "if you can stand you haven't had enough to drink!"
@connelly_martin: *gasps* You're a Connelly, too?!
@vatrask: Sadly no; I'm Irish. Besides I shutter to think if we were related #dirtythoughts
@connelly_martin: Connelly is Irish, too. Lots of them moved here to Glasgow.
@vatrask: So we COULD be related? o.O
@connelly_martin: Not all Irish people are related. That would be awkward.
@AidenMacRae: But think about all you'd accomplish with an extra finger on each hand! #evolution
@vatrask: *shudders* lol but no.
@connelly_martin: Mmmm...extra fingers....
@vatrask: tasty...
@synfulsaleana99: I don't know my family motto, but my last name means "sheep" in Portuguese. Or it means "lusty person..." Not sure which I prefer for a translation.
@vatrask: I am literally 'she who dwells in victory'
@synfulsaleana99: Cool! Literally my full name is "Moon Goddess Sheep Sheep."
@vatrask: I dropped my phone when I read that :P
@moore_zachary: I shall henceforth call you "Moon Goddess Sheep Sheep", or MGSS for short.
@connelly_martin: And my 1st name means "from Mars"!
@moore_zachary: Mars is the god of what again?
@AidenMacRae: Thank you, mates! I really must be off. Early day tomorrow thwarting the bad guy. Cheers!
@vatrask: There are bad guys? *whimper*
@AidenMacRae: My 1st name means "fiery" as does the villian's in #Between3.
@vatrask: now you're just trying make me cry   
 (After this, the party ended but of course, Logan had to have the last word, coming out of nowhere)
@keeley_logan:           I think your cover is awesome. also, Trucknutz.
@moore_zachary: You're not getting the last word.
@keeley_logan: yuh-huh.
@moore_zachary: Nevertheless, the last word should be Trucknutz.
@connelly_martin: Aye, Trucknutz.
And thus the Fake Scotsmen Chat was over with the final word: Trucknutz
So there you have it folks; how I spent my saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to Jeri Smith-Ready and Cyndi Tefft for letting their boys come out to play, it was a lot of silly fun. Hopefully we can do it again.


  1. HAHAHA! The chat was so fun! And I really do have three brothers. That was not just to make Martin happy. You got the gist of the goofiness. I can't wait for the next one!

    Just a Booklover

    1. Thanks for joining in. I definitely hope we can do something like this again.

  2. Wow, I'm uber impressed! It was a fun three hours of craziness. :)