Saturday, 8 June 2013

Angel Features: Cyndi Tefft

If this won't get you to send in your answers, I don't know what will. Cyndi filled out the answers and is our featured Angel (all the time) this week. If you're interested or I've already sent you questions, get in touch with me:

Cyndi Tefft Author Photo
Name: Cyndi Tefft

Location: Seattle, WA

Age: 40 *gasp*

Occupation/Grade: Day job is Human Resources, but I like to write love stories on the side. ;)

Favourite genre: Romance (all forms- YA, NA, adult, erotic)

Favourite author: Diana Gabaldon

Favourite book: Outlander

First book you ever remember reading (for leisure): Was probably a Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, or Ramona book

Are you a “casual” reader or an “avid” reader? What makes you so?: Is there a category for "ridiculously addicted" because that's where I would consider myself. I fell in love with books in 2009 and haven't taken a breath since.

Most recent read: Just finished Close Enough to Touch by Victoria Dahl and am currently reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Next read: I never know what I'm going to read next. It depends on my mood at the time when I'm picking out a book.

Favourite place to read: Where no one will bug me! This usually takes the place of my couch after the kiddos are in bed or at my desk during my lunch break.

Dream vacation: A long one! I love to travel and don't get to do as much as I'd like. I've been fortunate enough to see England, Scotland, and France. I'd love to add Italy, Spain, and Greece to that list next.

Favourite drink while reading: I'm not picky. Coffee, Diet Pepsi, wine, champagne... it's all good.

If you could think of the most ideal, fantasy, crazy perfect situation for reading a book, what would it be?: I fantasize about opening a theme park north of Seattle that is based on books. It would have a conveyor belt that moved through the bookstore with couches where you could just camp out and read while slowly tracking through the whole ginormous place. Now if I could get a billion dollars, I'd start building!

How do you choose your books: I buy most of my paperbacks at Half Price Books (I love a bargain!), but I buy ebooks equally from Amazon and B&N. I have a Nook, but I usually read on my phone, so either app works.

How is your bookshelf organized? (Alphabetically by title, author, by colour, random): By type then alphabetically by author. I have an adult romance section, a YA section, a chick-lit section, an erotica section, and a general fiction (catch-all) section. And then I have a separate bookshelf for keepers that are alphabetical regardless of genre.

When was the last time you went to a bookstore?: Last week. I should have one of those counting signs like you see at Costco that says "X days since I bought a book". I probably wouldn't need double digits for my sign!

What drew you to Between/Aiden?: Aiden is the epitome of the perfect gentleman to me. He is faithful, kind, sexy, and strong. He puts Lindsey's needs above his own and always tries to do the right thing. The Scottish accent seals the deal!

One cool fact about you?: I can honk like a duck. If you ever meet me in person, I'll do it for you. Yeah, I'm a badass. LOL

How can Angels connect with you?: I absolutely love connecting with readers. Nothing gives me greater pleasure as an author than to hear that a reader enjoyed my book. That's what keeps me writing on Saturday mornings, what keeps me going through the tough parts, and what I look forward to most in releasing a new book. Readers are so precious to me, so I connect however I can: Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Goodreads. (Vicki Note: you can find Cyndi up in the top bar)

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