Saturday, 29 June 2013

Angel Features: NM Scuri

This week we're talking with N.M. Scuri. She writes awesome stories and it was a pleasure to interview her. Check it out here:
Name: N. M. Scuri (But my mom calls me Nancy)
Location: New York, NY
Occupation/Grade: College instructor/Writer/Editor
Favourite genre: Horror/Dark Fiction
Favourite author: Other than Cyndi? Stephen King was my first, although his son, Joe Hill, is moving up fast. I wrote my dissertations on the works of James Joyce. 
Favourite book: I have a lot of ones that I love! I just finished Stephen Volk's Whitstable, which is great. I'm looking forward to the end of the summer semester, so I can tuck in to Into Even In Darkness.
First book you ever remember reading (for leisure): I can't remember when I didn't read. The first book I remember that made a big impact on me was the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. 
Are you a “casual” reader or an “avid” reader? What makes you so?: I would say yes to both! I read for my job, but I still love it. I may pick up a different type of book for a change of pace, but I still love a good story that pulls me in.
Most recent read: Whitstable
Next read: Even in Darkness, Joe Hill's NOS4A2, Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, then back to work reading.
Favourite place to read: If I read in bed, I will fall asleep. I need a chair, and light, and quiet. If I'm alone, I'll read while I eat.
Dream vacation: I'm moving to New Zealand. The question is when. I'd like to go to Edinburgh someday. I have an idea for a novel set there. 
Favourite drink while reading: Depends! Coffee, usually.
If you could think of the most ideal, fantasy, crazy perfect situation for reading a book, what would it be?: Hard to say. When I'm up to my ears in a good story, the world just falls away, so as long as I can focus, it really doesn't matter where I am. I've tried reading when I'm getting a pedicure, but I can't because I can't shake the feeling that ignoring someone in front of me is rude (which is why I can only read at meal times when I'm alone), and I'm ticklish. 
How do you choose your books: They usually choose me! People recommend things, or they send them to me for review. 
How is your bookshelf organized? (Alphabetically by title, author, by colour, random): I've just finished moving, so they are in boxes at the moment. Normally, it's Library of Congress system. Don't judge me.
When was the last time you went to a bookstore? I will not count the college bookstore where I work. I am ashamed to say that it was a Borders in its last days. There aren't too many brick and mortar places left. However, I was delighted to find a second-hand shop near me in my new neighborhood. 
What drew you to Between/Aiden? It can be argued that Aiden is... attractive, but what I really like about him is his heart, and that he sticks to his ideals in a changing world, even when abandoning them would have been acceptable to those around him. He's a genuinely good guy. Who's hot. 
One cool fact about you? When I was a kid, other girls had Barbie dolls and watched Saturday cartoons. I was raised on old British horror films and reruns of Dark Shadows.  
How can Angels connect with you? On my Google+ page:

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