Friday, 9 November 2012

An Update on Events

Hey Angels, I feel like we haven't sat down to talk in a while so I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk to you about what events are coming up for Aiden's Angels that you might be interested in.

So first of all, I know some of you are waiting for the transcript for the Fake Scotsmen Twitter Chat and I promise you'll have it by Saturday. There was just a lot more material to go through - more than I expected - and trying to organize it into a coherent conversation is taking more than I realized. But you'll have it in time for the weekend so look forward to that!

Secondly I know some of you were excited for Cyndi Tefft's appearance at the Olde City, New Blood conference in Florida in February but due to unforseen circumstances Cyndi will not be able to attend the conference. I hope those who were planning to attend haven't bought their tickets yet - though if you have, don't despair, there are some amazing authors going to the conference it will certainly be worth it to check out.

Third and most exciting of all, Cyndi Tefft will be appearing on a Radio Talk Show on November 30th at 4PM (PST). Real Sister's Talk will be talking about all sorts of things so be sure to check it out: If you miss it, the girls assured me that the segment will be available on-demand (I'll give you guys the links as soon as I get them).

And on a side note, if anyone is interested in reading the FULL interview with Cyndi Tefft you can find it on my blog

Until next time Angels, be strong, be in love, and always sing the Scottish National Anthem when about to eat Haggis!

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