Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fan Fiction for Writers

Today I'm here to talk about Fan Fiction. Yes I said fan fiction. Now I know not everyone understands it - or respects it - but you have to admit it's pretty awesome when you get to play with someone else's characters. It's kind of like going over to your friends house and playing with their Barbies. Yes they aren't yours but it's still so much fun.

On my blog ( I've been talking about a bunch of random book and writing-related things and for all you Aiden's Angels I have a little exclusive. On Wednesday the 14th I'm going to start running a contest. If you review any book, short story OR fan fiction online and send me the link, you'll be entered to win some cool prizes.

And speaking of fan fiction, I'm here to present to you one of our own. Breila McValan has shared with me a piece of fan fiction for Hell Transporter and of course I had to share it with all of you (you can also find all of the Between/Hell Transporter fan fiction in the drop down menu up top). If you'd like to submit fan fiction (or art or videos or anything in between - no pun intended) then send it to or tweet me @vatrask. Enjoy. And leave a comment to tell Breila what you think.

Scene from chapter 11 of Hell Transporter by Breila McValan / Taiyoryu on FFN
“I'd be pleased to show you just how much I want ye, right there on the billiards table...”

Aidan gave me a quick kiss and told me he would be back in a moment, I waited until he returned with both a large and small towel. He set both on the billiards table while setting the smaller tower to the side, Aidan then unfolded the towel and spread it over the red felt. He picked me up and sat me on the fluffy yellow towel, he poked me silently, before I laid down on it. Aidan picked up the smaller towel and moved toward me. I'm not ganna hurt ye lass, but this was as close to a gag as I could find.

I nodded, understanding his reasoning immediately; even if he didn't know the term BDSM or any of what some considered games. Aidan gently put as much of the towel as he could after I opened my mouth, he took my shoes and socks off before blowing softly across the soles of my feet. He kissed the toes then he moved on and licked my left ankle. As he kissed each inch of skin that was revealed underneath my jeans, he spoke to me. Je t'aime ma femme, mo chridhe, my Lindsey.

My breath hitched as he started to lift my shirt up, kissing my stomach and up towards my breasts before gently taking first my right nipple in between his teeth and softly blowing before moving on to the left.

I moaned underneath the towel in my mouth when Aidan started to play with my breasts, I glared at him in frustration when he said I should walk you home after we clean up here, as much as I want to take you here and now...

I sigh mentally. You're right. I arch upward slightly, pulling my jeans back on as Aidan helps me with my bra and shirt. He removes the gag and picks me off the table afterward before starting to clean up a bit. I take the towels from him and put them in the hamper before leaving. We walk back in comfortable silence.

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